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Family Photoshoot

Capturing the most precious moment in life.

  • 1 Stunde
  • Introductory Meeting
  • let's meet wherever YOU want to meet. How about a cute café?


The warm and golden smile of your little one. The tiny feet. All of your loved and dear ones combined. Moments you love to remember and look back to. How precious are images which capture these things? If it's a picknick in your garden, a autumn walk in the park or at home in cozy clothes on your couch. It is all about the little moments in live we all love but tend to live by way too fast. This is what I want to capture for you. The "family photoshoot" will take 75 minutes of shooting time and you get to choose 30 photos I will edit for you. Let's first meet and chat about the theme, location and everything that's important to you! Yes, of course we're gonna put your cute dog or cat in the photos too. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Just send me an email to



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